Welcome to Villa Mirasol, a hotel for your friends and family near and far in San Miguel De Allende, Guanajuato. Carmen Avery, visited this wonderful city in the early 70’s and fell in love with its charm and people. She made friends fast and visited the town on a regular basis until in 1990, she decided she would make San Miguel her home. Carmen acquired this hotel property in 1991 and set out to create what would become a real jewel in San Miguel.

With 7 rooms and a small staff Villa Mirasol welcomed people from all over the world. Thanks to the demand and vision of Carmen, the hotel has grown over the years to its present day 13 room hotel plus a conference room. Carmen had an eye for local sourced furnishings and art that make the feel and care of the hotel welcoming, surrounding guests with lush greenery, individual patios and home style Mexican cooking. Although Carmen passed away in April of 2015, her children still carry out her legacy. They have been careful to keep the warmth and details she always wanted to live within her hotel alive. Which is what truly makes Hotel Villa Mirasol your premier destination and your home away from home.