Cozy room located in 3rd. Floor with colorful tile ceiling decorated by hand . At the entrance you can enjoy a small living room with a comfortable sofa for rest and King Size bed. At the bottom of the room you will see the private balcony ideal for watching the sunset ant the view to the 2nd floor and come San Miguel gardens. This room is equipated with  A / C and a beautiful and spacious bathroom illuminated by natural light.


Fax Services
Gift shop
Laundry service
Meeting Rooms
Safe in Reception
check-in / check-out policies

This property has the following times and check-in / check-out policies.

Check In 15:00 hrs.
Check Out 12:30 hrs.

Note: To provide a better service if you have a special time to arrive please indicated it in your Reservation

Cancellation Policies

Villa Mirasol Hotel gives you the most cordial welcome, and notify you that for won’t cause you any charge for your reservation you must to cancel at least 72 hrs. before your arrival, otherwise Villa Mirasol will charge the value of the first night as No Show.

All reservations generated through channels such as Booking, Expedia, etc.  have the same 72 hrs policy. And these must be canceled directly on the channel where you booked at, the hotel expressly disclaims from any No Show charges that these channels implement.